Basic information about studying in Vienna


u:find is a website of the University of Vienna, containing a „course directory“ as well as a „staff directory“. Here you can find courses, professors and exam dates.

There are multiple ways to look for and register for a course (Lehrveranstaltung). You can either search for the name or the course number in the provided search box. Also, you can use the “course directory” – by clicking on its button. After doing so, scroll down until you reach 30.03 or 30.04 (depending on when your master was introduced). Here you can choose your master and the respective courses.

u:space is connected with u:find and offers a „private room“ for each student where you can view and manage your registered courses, finances, print out a confirmation of your studies, etc.  First you have to ”Login“ in the upper right corner. Your ”Martrikelnummer“  (=student number) is your UserID. The password is the one you chose the first time you registered at u:space.


How to register for courses

You can either search for the course like described above via u:find, or you do it via u:space. Therefore, click ”studies“, „Course and Examination registration system“. In the blue background select „new registration“. In the search box you can look for your course. If you can’t find it, make sure that you looked in the correct semester. You can change the semester underneath the search box. After you found your course, you will see the ”register“ field on the right side. Then you just have to check if the classification number/field of study (just relevant if you are registered for more than one study) and the module are  correct. You can change both of them; by clicking ”open“ you can choose between the different options. If you click ”safe“ (and if you fullfill all prerequisites) you should be registered.


How to place points

For most courses which are ”prüfungsimmanent“ (=continuously assessed), for example „Übungen“  (=exercises) or „Seminare“ (=seminars), limited space is provided, which means that only a certain number of students can actually attend this course. Our point-based system creates a somewhat fairness that helps to decide which students can be accepted in those limited seat courses. At the beginning of each semester you receive 1000 points which you can distribute as you like on different „Übungen“ and „Seminare“ you would like to attend. If more people like to register for a continuously assessed course as there are open spots, the students who set the most points will be admitted.

Tip: You can see how many students want to attend the course if you look at the „pre-registrations”.


What does „Angelegt“ or „Vorgemerkt“ mean?

Before registration deadline ends, your status will always be „Vorgemerkt“. This means the system realized that you want to attend the course and “pre-registered” you. After the deadline you will know if you are accepted.

If you are „Angelegt“, you are missing pre-requisites for the course you want to attend.

If you are on the „Warteliste“ (=waiting list),  you have not placed enough points and didn’t get one of the spots for the course… BUT: Go to the „Vorbesprechung“ (=preliminary/preparatory meeting)! Some professors take more students or offer alternatives and it is also possible that some people who got one of the spots sign off or don’t even show up.

If you are „Angemeldet„, congratulations! You are in and have a much sighed-for spot which means you can truly attend your wanted course.



If you finished your bachelor/undergraduate at another university, it is possible that you must take some exams from our bachelor courses.  These prerequisites have to be taken in addition to your master courses (you can’t use it for your WZB’s (=additional scientific skills) any more!)- there will be an own „Auflagen-Modul“.

Caution: You have to complete these prerequisites before you can attend any „prüfungsimmanente“ (continuously assessed) courses from your master



The exams for „Vorlesungen“ (=lectures) have to be offered at the end of the semester in which the „Vorlesung“ took place, as well as at the beginning, middle and at the end of the next semester. That means there have to be at least 4 exam dates for each lecture.


Register for an exam

You can either choose „exams“ after you searched the course in u:find (the next date is marked in red with a capitalized “N” right next to it), or  you can search, as before, in u:space: For that, click „studies“, „course and examination registration system“  and in the blue background select „new registration“. Now you choose “Prüfungstermine“ in the Course/Exam Drop down menu. If you find your exam, you can register the same way you did for the course. Be careful to choose the right module.


Print at the university

Most faculties have print and copy machines which you can only use with a „copy card“. This copy card can be bought in every „Facultas shop“ and can be used on all machines.

Tip: If you visit us during our counselling periods/hours, we can give you a „Kopier Pickerl“ (=copy sticker) once per semester. With this sticker, you can get a discount on your copy card. The sticker can be used three times per semester.