Open Plenum

As STV we meet on a regular basis to discuss current topics and problems. These plena are are open for everyone.

If you want to participate in a plenum, please read Our Principles.
These principles are a code of conduction for our work. Deviaiton and interpretation are accepted as long as it does not turn them upside down. Of particulare importance are equality and being independent.

Because we do not want to throw someone in at the deep end, you can always visit us during our consulting hours to get informed about the next plenum.

Next plena dates:

  • Monday, 5th of December 2022 (StV Office)
  • Tuesday, 13th of December 2022 (StV Office)

If you cannot find the next dates on this page do not hestitate to write us!

Please keep in mind that plena are not the same as our stand-by. If you want consulting, please come to one of our consulting hours on Discord: