Our Principles

  • Tolerant

We are open-minded towards our new members and we are looking forward to get to know new people during our consulting hours. We always try to have a friendly ear for your ideas and critic.


  • Independent

The interest of students is our single most topic and this we grant by independency from university parties.


  • Direct democracy and consensus-oriented

Direct democray means that our everyone of the STV Biologie has the same rights as out five elected candidates. Everyone should feel free to discuss all topics which leads to a better ability to find solutions. We have no hierarchy.

There is the possibility of a veto if a person is harmed directly or indirectly, because this is against our principles.


  • Equality

Every human being has the same rights and should therefore be treated equally to each other. We are against any form of discrimination such as sexism, racism, homophobia, fascism etc.


  • Against violence

We want to have a well assorted group, which is why we are against any form of psychical and physical of violence.


  • Educational-political and university-political focuus

We focus on questions referring to education because this is the best way to help the students. Therefore, we represent the interest of students in a diverse variety of committees and care much for socio-political, which concern students.


  • Against entrance restrictions

No one should be hindered to be able to study therefore we think that there should be no entrance restrictions and no preconditions before or within the biology study such as knockout-exams or limited places in courses etc. Students also face financial problems because of some lectures and courses which also hinders them to continue their study progress. Another problem are blocked lectures, especially for working students. The university does not provide enough information and grants for this. Additionally collage fees should be abolished.


  • For the independence of science from economy

Economical interests should not influence research and science because there is a high possibility of manipulation. Also, the funding of basic research is not granted if science is under the control of the economy. Economy should not lead the way of science. The quality of scientifical research should not be defined by just a few people.