Newsletter June 2019

Dear Students, 
as the last days and exams of this semester approach us and the holiday-preparations are in full swing, we, the newly re-elected student representatives, want to inform you about the last upcoming events of this semester.

1) bohrgassenfest 28.06.2019
2) First Semester Tutors
3) Information about the ending Education Diploma
4) Hearings Foundations of Human-Animal Interactions

1) bohrgassenfest 28.06.2019
Wir laden euch herzlich zum Bohrgassenfest am 28.06.19 zwischen IMP und MFPL Gebäude ein.
On Friday 28th June, we invite you to our traditional summer-closing event, the „Bohrgassenfest.
We have DJ_anes, Food, Snacks and lots of cool Beer Wine!
Come by and celebrate!

DJs from 20:00: i.a. Big Wave, Tina Turner, tba

Arrive early and get a free welcome shot (first 100 p.)!
Where? Atrium Vienna BioCenter, between Max Perutz Labs and IMP
When? Friday 28th June from 5 pm – Open End
1b) Volunteers  

Most of the working shifts for the party are filled, but help is still highly appreciated during setup and dismantling, as well as during later shift. 

Installation starts at 15:30, destruction after the End of the
event after Midnight.

Drop us an email if you are motivated to help!


2) First Semester Tutors

Auch heuer suchen wir wieder zahlreiche Tutor_innen zur Betreeung der kommenden Erstsemestrigen!

This year, we will again work together with the Study Directorarte
for the First Semester Tutors. Meaning, you will geECTS. All First Semester Tutors who want to get the credit points, 
have to go to the preliminary Meeting with Prof. Kirchengast
at June 25th (9-10am at the conference room anthropology).
But important: Participation at the First Semester Program
is only possible if you join our Tutor Retreat:


Where?  outside Vienna (probably Melk)
When?  from the 13th to the 15th of September


3) Information about the ending Education Diploma
On 30th of April 2020 the Diploma Studys in Education end.
For that reason the rectorate and the Center for Teacher Education
invite for a Information Event in order to eliminate all obscuritys.
Where? HS 3, NIG
When? 25th June, 17:30

4) Hearings Foundations of Human-Animal Interactions
Einladung zu den Hearings Neurowissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung.
On 1th of July, the Appointment lectures for the Professorship 
Neuroscientific Foundations of Human-Animal Interactions take place.
The Professorship is based on an interdisciplinary scale together 
with the Facultys of Life Science, Psychology, the Messerli Institute 
and the Vetmed University.
Interested Students are invited to join the Candidates with Pizza and Beverages.
When? 1th July 9 – 17:00
Where? Lecture Hall A, Building FA, Veterinärplatz 1, 1210 Wien
    9:10 Begrüßung
    9:15 Eliza Bliss-Moreau
    10:05 Wulf Haubensak
    11:05 Hans Hofmann
    11:55 Tobias Kalenscher
    12:45 Mittagspause
    13:45 Miiamaaria Viktoria Kujala
    14:35 Anna Kukekova
    16:00 Discussion with the Candidates, Pizza & Beverages

Best Regards
your Students Representatives Biology | STV Biologie & Mol