Our Advising times for the start of the winter term 19/20 are the following ones:

Monday Sept 9th
14:00 – 17:00: Kenneth (Zoo MSc, Erasmus), Verena (Mol BSc) & Fiona (MolMed MSc)

Tuesday Sept 10th
15:00 – 17:00: Michaela (Diplom LA) & Johanna (BEd, MSc Zoo)

Thursday Sept 12th
17:15 – 19:15: Ruth (Gen & DevBio MSc) & Philipp (Öko BSc)

Tuesday Sept 17th
17:15 – 19:15: Ruth (Gen & DevBio MSc) & Elisa (MolMed MSc)

We are pleased to see you again and to answer all your questions. Further dates will be announced in the following dates.

Best Regards
Student Representative council of Biology