Newsletter | Start of Winter term 19/20

Dear students, 
a bit later than expected we welcome you per Mail to the new Winter
term with event notes, new advisory and plena times, as well as
news about Biology in Vienna in general.
Unfortunately, we are not able to make HTML-Newsletter over the
University of Vienna. That’s the reason, you will find this Newsletter
also on our homepage.

For those, who do not yet know us, we will present us shortly:
We are the Student representatives for Biology at the University of Vienna.
Short: „StV Bio“, „StV“ comes from the german word „Studienvertretung“ for Student
representatives). If you have questions about the studies, if you want to copy lecture notes
we store, you have problems with lecturers or other students, or you simply need another person to chat you will find us in our office!
Catch us both at „Althanstraße“ (9th district) and „Dr.-Bohr-Gasse“
(3rd district). Each week we have so called „Journaldienste“ – advisory
service- which you can find under topic point no. 1. As Student representatives,
we are part of the Austrian Students Union (ÖH). We understand us as a group
independent of all factions (that are part of the Austrian Students Union
or the parliament); although we are not totally unpolitical. 
You can find a german version of our principles here.
1. Advisory times Winter term 18/19
2. open Plena
3. Students‘ Room 6.110
4. ‚Gleichenfeier‘ New Biocenter
5. Stammtisch BG 13.11.
6. Biofest 28.11.
7. Departments Althanstraße, Evo Anthro
8. Physics Student with Gun

1. Advisory times Winter term 18/19
Our advisory times for the winter term are fixed. You will find these under COUNSELING & CONTACT.
Please note that short-term changes will only announced via our forum:

2. Plena dates (weekly meetings)
The core team of the STV meets frequently in the plenum to discuss news,
plans and problems. We focus on actual topics that are relevant for the
studies of biology, try to solve problems and coordinate contacts to
lecturers, study program management and the dean office.
In order to give you an insight in our work and the chance to join us we
announce the dates and times on facebook and in our forum (in german:)
If you are also interested in working at the students representatives, or
you have proposals for excursions, or something like that, our plena are a
place to go alongside our advisory times „Journaldienste“.
It would be nice, if you drop us an email before, so we can count on you 
and contact you if short-term changes occur.
Our next scheduled meetings:
Date –  Time – Location
6.11.   18:15   Bohrgasse
14.11.  18:15  Bohrgasse
25.11.  18:15  Althanstraße
03.12.  18:15  Althanstraße

3. Gleichenfeier New Biocenter
The construction works of the new Biocenter are continously progressing.
As of now, also the roof is finished – 
which means for us that the construction works are fully on schedule
Furthermore, we have met with the responsibles of University 
to guarantee as much seats in the Aula and the 1st floor for students as possible.
You can find pictures of the Gleichenfeier soon on our homepage.

5. BG Regular’s table 13.11.
In order to contribute to the networking of the molecular directions,
we invite you to this round table. The regular’s table will be take place 
in the bar „The Nice Guys“ – in walking distance from the Bohrgasse.
Pass by to exchange your experiences during the studies and make new contacts. 
We are looking forward to see you!
Where? The Nice Guys, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 18, 1030
When? 13.11. 6pm

6. Biofest – 28.11.
After the last Biofest in the Loft was a big success, 
the Biofest enters the next round.
We invite you this year to fluc_wanne at Praterstern with artists like hertzinger, 
Katia Curie, lenia (gassen aus zucker), Mareia (Tiger Lilli | Journey to Tarab),
or prosecco unicorn brothers.
Entry: Free Donation (recommendation 2 6€)
We wanna have a good party, where everybody feels comfortable and personal boundaries and privacy are respected. Our party is no place for undesired, unacceptable behavior – that means, we do not tolerate sexist, racist, homophobe, or any other surpressive or excluding behavior. Who does not respect this, should better stay at home.
You will find further information under BIOFEST(soon also in english).

7. Departments Althanstraße, Evo Anthro
The Departments at Althanstraße are getting newly structured based on the will of the Rectorate. These departments are part of the inner structure of the Faculty of Life Science.
As far as we know, the Rectorate made the decision alone with the Deans Office.
Whereas the CogBio should be fused with the Behavioral Biology,
the Anthropolgy should be fused with the Theoretical Biology and the 
Zoology. As a result, the Anthropology department is afraid of getting lost 
in a big department without common research aims
The Professors of Anthropology fear that the research
would suffer under these new structures and hence in future also the
Anthropology Master.
We as the Student representative council Biology advocate for a democratic University!
Decisions should be made from the basis and not by the Rectorate.
Aside from that, we see it critical when the University is treated like a 
company, in which disciplines are split apart if they are getting too small by themselves.
(For example: the independent Master of paleobiology which is part of the
Geoscience Master)
The Department of Anthropology invites to a Lecture about the current situation
next Thursday in the Lecture Hall 1 for all interested students.
Where? HS1
When? Thursday 7.11. 3pm

8. Physics Student with Gun
As you might have already heart about in the news, 
a right-wing student with a gun was seen at the Faculty of Phsysics.
We want you to feel comfortable at the University!
That’s why we want to raise your attention to this incident 
and ways to act if you should see him: 
The Student is banned from University of Vienna.
Please contact us, if you see him in spite of the exclusion order.
You can find a picture of him here:
If you see him, first of all make sure that you are not alone.
Get help from other students, porter etc. without attracting his attention.
Furthermore, you can call the „Bedrohungsmanagement of the University of Vienna“:
+43 1 4277 777
If you see other suspicious/racist/sexist behavior that threatens other students,
please also call or write us. 
We will look for a solution or send you to the adequate Offices in the University or ÖH.

Best Regards,
your Student Representatives Biology | STV Biologie